Guest Professor Cases

These cases have been graciously submitted to eRadius, by request.
Last updated November 10, 2008.

Case #1 Synovial Nonunion Jesse Jupiter and David Ring
Case #2 Persistent Pain After Healing Marc Garcia-Elias
Case #3 Bilateral fractures Andrew Weiland
Case #4

Painful Snapping and DRUJ Dislocation after healed DRF Ueli Buechler
    with special review by Jesse Jupiter
Case #10

No stepoff but a 3-4 mm Gap; Patient Wants to Return to Work Immediately David Nelson
Case #11
Bilateral fractures, bilateral trouble Kendrick Lee
Case #12 Dorsal wrist ganglion after a volar plate David Nelson
Case #13 Open distal radius & ulna David Nelson & Hearst Welborn
Case #14 Fall from a polo pony Hearst Welborn & David Nelson
Case #15 Dorsal Fracture/Dislocation Gustavo Mantovani
Case #16 Third Fracture: Nonunion? Gustavo Mantovani
Case #17 Head-on
Motorcycle Crash
David Nelson
Case #18 Sagittal and Coronal Fractures in an 88 Year old David Nelson
Case #19 Unexplained Wrist Pain Thomas Kaplan
Case #20 64 year old fell ice skating Phil Blazar

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