eRadius Patient Page

(first posted December 29, 2005 Last updated September 19, 2007)

For Patients who are interested in
distal radius fractures (broken wrists)

Patients are welcome to use this website, but please note that the site was written for surgeons, not patients. The topics and the terminology are targeted for surgeons. If you want to know practical things like, "What are my treatment options?", "How long will it hurt?", or "When can I get back to activities?", you will not find that kind of information here. These are great questions and definitely need answering, but they are not answered on eRadius.

The webmaster, Dr. Nelson, has written other material specifically for patients that addresses these kinds of practical questions.

Distal radius fractures This webpage is part of Dr. Nelson's office website, devoted to patient empowerment through information. It was specifically written for patients interested in real information about distal radius fractures.

Broken wrist This webpage is also part of Dr. Nelson's efforts to empower patients. It was written by Dr. Nelson for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery's patient education website, Your Orthopedic Connection.

Dr. Nelson's patients have written about their experiences with distal radius fractures here.

http://www.MyBrokenWrist.com is a website Dr. Nelson has created exclusively for patients. It features a discussion forum, similar to the one on eRadius, but designed for patients. It is still under construction.

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