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Xrays after the second surgery by the referring physician.

The surgery was a challenge, as was expected. The referring physician decompressed the median nerve in the palm. Due to swelling in the distal forearm, the median nerve was released also in the distal forearm. A 50% FDP III laceration at the wrist level was discovered and repaired. The numbness in the median nerve distribution improved but continued. The xrays are shown above.

(6) How would you assess the reduction of the radius? The ulna?

At this point, the patient was transferred to a rehabilitation facility, and the treating physician asked this office to assume care. The insurance company delayed followup, and he was first seen five weeks after injury. He was non-weightbearing for an additional month due to his pelvic fracture and was lying on a gurney. He was in a sugartong splint, complaining of a lot of pain in his arm.

(7) What would be your next step?


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